Motherhood, Gift of Intuition And Our Incredible Instincts

by - May 09, 2021

A month of May resonates with love towards our mothers, and all mothers around the world in general. Motherhood is something that is deeply rooted within our beings as women. Long before we actually become mothers, we are gifted this precious role of growing and giving life someday (if we chose to).

Mother's day is a day celebrated by many all over the globe. It's a day when mothers are being thanked to, and they are being honored and admired for all their hard work, selflessness, and sacrifices. 

Motherhood can be very frustrating and overwhelming at times, yet, it is the most rewarding too. Most likely there is a mother in your life. It could be you, it could be your sister, your mother, or your grandmother. A person you are deeply grateful for, and all that, she had done for you.

It is important for new moms, old moms, second or third-time moms to find some time to be their own person, rather than only being - a mom. As mothers, we have this natural instinct to protect, a need to nourish and to always give. In doing so it is also important to focus on ourselves, to relax and to recharge. You cannot pour from an empty cup, right?

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By taking some (well deserved) me-time, you not only allow yourself to connect to your intuition and awaken your instincts, but you also allow yourself to just be you. It is something like clearing out the trash from your computer desktop so that it runs faster and smoother. It may require some strength and courage, but it is worth all the effort. 

After all, it is within us where our inner guide and our intuition are rooted, helping us to do what is best for us, and ultimately those around us.

We all have what is called an intuition - a 'wise inner guide', some sort of an inner voice. As we grow up, in general, our intuition gets shut down by a number of things, from friends and family, society and stress, to lack of creativity and self-expression. 

When we pay attention to our intuition, it often directs us in the right way. It can be described as a way of knowing what is best for us, or as sensing the truth without any actual explanation. Have you ever had a spontaneous moment of 'oh I should to this because that could happen', which you ignored? This little nudge, a warning which came from nowhere but instead of acting upon it, you continued on with your day as usual. Moments later that happens just as your inner voice had predicted. Well, that was your intuition speaking to you...

I believe this voice of intuition grows stronger when a mother is born. There is no need to read books on how to give birth, how to breastfeed or care for a newborn. Somehow we naturally know how to do these things. Sure, a book or two can help, but it's mostly helping the mind to fulfill its primary need and purpose to know and to control. This can however cover up what our intuition guides us to do. No pregnancy, birth, and a child are the same. There is no 'fit to all' book to help you guide your baby towards a better night's sleep. If you decided to leave your baby cry itself to sleep as the book or your friend suggests but doesn't feel right deep down in your being, it's most likely not the right approach for you, nor your baby. What is the best approach for you, is something you cannot learn from a 'sleep training' book. You can, however, learn that from your intuition. Not only that, but intuition also grows louder the more we listen to it and follow its guidance. 
motherhood, mamahood, mother's day, mother, mama, mom, intuition, instincts, mindfulness, love

One of the easiest ways for the mind to take a step back, allowing our intuition to step forward, is to take a walk outside. Simple as that! While you are enjoying your walk, preferably in nature, try and keep your mind open and free. This can be especially helpful if you find yourself in a place of having to make a decision you are unsure about. Welcome your intuition and allow it to guide you. 

Pay attention to what excites and energizes you. What are the things that you are deeply curious and passionate about? Enthusiasm is one of the best ways to find your lost intuition and your personal path towards success. Try to move away from things that are boring and don't excite you. 

It can be truly confusing when your, so-called rational mind is telling you one thing, while your inner guiding voice is telling you to follow the exact opposite direction. As I mentioned earlier, the more you listen to and follow your intuition the stronger it gets. It is a fragile relationship built on trust. Try to avoid negative or discouraging thoughts. When our minds are full of negativity, what-ifs, and blockages, we won't be able to hear and follow the loving guidance of our intuition.

Meditation, journaling and visualization are your friends. First thing in the morning is when we are most in tune and aware. Ask yourself: 'What three things can I do today to move in the direction/ goal I desire?'

Keeping your thoughts and intentions clear is important. Especially when it comes to what you do want versus what you don't want. You can write down on a piece of paper about what you would like your life to be like, and work towards that. Focusing on the things you wish to attract into your life, as opposed to focusing on what is already there that you wish to release. When your mind is focused and driven, working towards your heart's desires, the unnecessary things in the background will slowly fade away and disappear.

Intuition truly is a gift. A gift that is available to us all. We only need to learn to listen, hear it out, and follow. Instead of silencing our intuition, let's try to listen to the inner guide with open arms and follow its voice with trust. Trust your knowing voice and allow it to lead the way - all the way!

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