Why You Should Listen When Your Body Talks!

by - April 14, 2021

Cause ooh, your body talks, your body talks

    Ooh, ooh, your body talks...

The popular song by Struts is one of my favorites! Yes, it talks about the body talking in a totally different 'language' than I focus on in this blog. The point is, just like the song suggests, that the body does talks.

Feeling disconnected from ourselves and from others can be a painful place to be. Being at peace and feeling connected within and without, is when we flourish in all aspects of our lives. When you tap into the inner body, your creativity will blossom, your days will become productive, your relationship will sprout. You will feel naturally more comfortable in your own skin, content, and calm. 

Our bodies are smart, way smarter than we allow ourselves to believe. Our bodies often communicate with us when it comes to diseases. Don't mind me point out that disease literally interprets as = diss + ease, meaning that the body is not at ease. It is out of balance and therefore we experience problems. Pain, especially, is a clear sign that something isn't right. It's a sign of imbalance. Our main role is to simply be aware, listen and pay attention to what is our body trying to tell us. What can we do to find balance within, again?

Are there times when you get easily agitated, fidgety, overwhelmed, doubtful, and uncertain? You feel disconnected, empty, useless, and unable to find peace? 

If you can relate, you might have to pause and spend some quality time with yourself. You may be suffering from body and mind disconnection. The good news is that it's possible (and easier than you might think) to reconnect with your body and the self. Let me show you how!

Body and Mind connection, mind & body, healing, disease, injury, pain, trauma, blockages

The first step is to become aware and notice that you might be 'out of sync'. Awareness is a powerful tool in leading a healthy and happy life. By being aware, you observe your experiences and therefore become curious about your feelings. 

Past trauma, suppressed grief, trapped feelings and emotions cause blockages in our bodies. These blockages, if not healed but grown bigger due to one's resilience, can eventually manifest themselves as pain, chronic diseases, and injuries. 

Take a moment to become present. Try to focus on the fleeings and sensations within you, dark and bright. Allow yourself to fully feel any raw emotions, without sugarcoating them. Yes, it probably sounds easier and more pleasant than it may actually be. Huge positive shifts in our lives do not happen overnight and without a little bit of an effort. Try to give it a go...

Don't get discouraged, start taking little but meaningful action as little as 5-10 minutes a day. The scary part, however, can be the fact that no one else can do this for you. This is your personal work and your input is 100% required. Observe your present and past experiences. Is there anything that might be triggering negative or unpleasant feelings and thoughts? If so, dig in, get face to face.

With years of adulting, it is easy to become ignorant or resilient to our feelings. That is not to say it is our choice. It is simply a way we are taught to function. Unless you are surrounded by mindful people or are a mindful person yourself, nowadays generation has forgotten how to listen to their inner voices. The inner guide, the intuition, whatever you call it - becomes lost and silent. This is why it is important to listen and reflect on our feelings and experiences. 

How are you truly feeling today? Try to avoid saying: 'I am tired, I am sad, I am angry'. You are not your feelings. Instead, focus on being honest with yourself: 'I am feeling tired as I was unable to sleep because I am feeling worried over this and that...' See the difference? 

Aim to label your feelings accurately, and dig deep to see where they truly come from. Note, the deeper you go, the darker it will feel at first. But once you uncover the roots of one particular feeling that has been bothering you for some time, the light will become brighter than ever before. 

Your mindset, negative or positive is everything. Having to see the places that need healing and improvement as something positive and pleasant, rather than something you must do, will make a significant difference to your journey. 

It’s a learning journey full of surprises but also gifts. Gifts of happiness, ease, balance, and contentment. Give yourself that gift today.

To start of with, search for guided meditation online or find an app that you like. Make sure you sit comfortably, simply watch and become aware of your thoughts. The aim isn't to silent them, but to observe them without reacting or responding. Imagine you are sitting on a moving train, watching the landscapes pass by outside. That is, what you want to achieve during your meditation. Start short, as little as 2-3 min and slowly increase the time to what feels comfortable for you. 
Body and Mind connection, mind & body, healing, disease, injury, pain, trauma, blockages

Is a place where mind and body become one. Your breath allows you to focus on you and the present moment, to tune in and connect. Aim to practice mindfully, paying attention to your body, its pains, aches, and discomfort. Bring your focus to your senses and feelings, observe them as you gently move your body.

Is a great way to notice, observe and pay attention to our feelings and sesnations. It's a form of therapy you should reach up for when you feel overwhelmed or quite unsure why you may feel a certain way. Journaling can help you see what triggered your feelings and actions. Having things on the paper will nicely free your mind and put your thoughts and feelings into perspective.

Take yourself for a walk outdoors or a hike in the forest. Walk barefoot on the sand, swim in the ocean, a river, or do it the old good hippy way and hug a tree! Seek ways to connect to the mother earth and the source. Feel the connection and express gratitude.

Of course, there are outer ways of helping our bodies heal such as massage, acupuncture, and holistic medicine. However, when it comes to the body, our participation and effort are more than a must. Nobody can help you understand and heal your own body better than, well - you. 

Most importantly, be patient with yourself, all positive changes and new habits take time. Rediscovering the connection between the body and the mind, and feeling at peace with who you are is a true gift that can be deepened over time and with experience. Be mindful and enjoy the journey towards a healthier and happier you!

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