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by - March 13, 2019

Since the day we are born, as girls, we are supposed to play with dolls and dress in pink. As we grow up, we are expected to have our hair and nails done to perfection. Wear skirts, and have smooth perfect and hairless skin. While boys, on the other hand, are the ones allowed to get dirty, messy, bruised and do all the fun - dangerous stuff. Why is that?

As a child, I used to have more boy-friends than girls. I used to play football and climb trees. But things had changed as I was getting into my early teenage years. I started to feel uncomfortable having to 'wear' my bruised legs, scraped knees and dirt behind my nails. And so I 'grew out' of the phase of freedom and wildness. 

Finding Your Empowerment...

But hey! Things have been changing around here! Girls too, get to be the cool ones now. I mean look at the ten years old Sky Brown for example. She is a pro-skater but also a dancer and a surfer girl who is already changing history. Sky is one of the youngest competitors to medal at a pro-skateboarding event AND she is a girl!

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Looking at myself now, I laugh as I write this blog. My knees are scarred and covered with bruises and cuts that never seem to go away. My skin speaks the language of the sun and is temporarily marked with beautiful memories. My feet could, too speak of sharp reefs and wild waves. The difference, however, is, that I wear these beauty marks of mine with pride now. Not a cell in my body carries feelings of shame, although I wish the nails just stayed clean for at least a day! You feel me?

Girls and women no longer have to feel ashamed for their bruised knees. These 'flaws' can be fully embraced as our desire to be wild, and proof of a free-spirited mind. It's a blessing to see this becoming accepted and welcomed. Moreover, women who now take on the 'men sports' are seen as badass and worthy of admiration. Fellow sisters, welcome to the era when 'surfing like a girl' isn't an embarrassment but quite the opposite. It is something to be god damn proud of!

Do You Surf Like a Girl?

You better! Surf like a girl has become a movement, you can take for example Bethany Hamilton who is totally redefining the world of surfing. Following a shark attack that resulted in a loss of her left arm, she continuously participates in projects to encourage girls to fiercely pursue their dreams. Whether that would be by kicking an ass (or two) in the water, on the court or in the classroom.

I mean look at Carissa Moore’s style of surfing. It has been many times compared to 'men surfing style and skills'. She is the one who we have to thank, for sinking the bridge that was dividing the male and female surfing. Along with Stephanie Gilmore (who - FYI - won 7 world titles), they reshaped pro-surfing as we know it today. Not to mention, Stephanie's amazing surfing clearly shows her oh-so-feminine character and beautiful elegant style. And so I finally understood that...

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Female surfing will only excel as long as the public understands and accepts the fact that, just like in any sport, men and women simply perform differently. There is no better or worse way. We surf like women and therefore we surf differently. Our bodies are built differently, our approach and style are therefore different too. So what is my point?

Just like men, women surf with power, style and passion. We bring grace and strength to our surfing. But unlike men, we surf like girls.

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