Ditch the Bitchy Ego and Chose Love Instead

by - May 22, 2019

Spiritually and mindfulness are rising by the day. People are more likely to spend some quality time with, well, themselves. Sounds odd to you? Maybe that is exactly what you need to do too!

Pumper Yourself to Wholesomeness

By spending time with yourself, I don't mean sitting alone in a room and feeling bored. Spending some quality time with yourself can be all kinds of fun and beautiful. It can be something as simple as:

♥ having a lie-in in the morning followed by breakfast in bed
♥ telling yourself in a mirror just how amazing you look today
♥ treating yourself to a massage or a spa day.

There is really NO limit in the ways that you can express kindness and love towards yourself. Yes - a true, honest and loving kindness - to yourself.

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The Delicious Gifts of Kindness

Often we give and share love, we buy gifts for others, we complement those around us, we constantly do little acts of kindness for those we love. We want to make sure they know how much we care about and value them. I guess you can see now where I'm going with this, right? 

Ask yourself, when was the last time you've done any of those things for yourself? Take a moment and think about it... the answer might as well be - never!

Hi, Pretty Me. I love you!

It is absolutely crucial for us to be kind to ourselves. More so than being kind to others! Yes, you read that right and feel free to read it again at least like 5 times at least for it to sink in. Now, let me tell you why.

Have you taken a flight before? Do you remember that part when the pretty and perfect flight stewardess explains that if the pressure in the plane cabin drops, you HAVE to apply your own oxygen mask first before helping others? That is the exact same principle I'm getting at here. There is nothing selfish or egoistic about doing so. You won't really be able to save and help those around you when you're passed out on the ground, would you?

Welcome Self-love and Enjoy the Joy

As simple as it sounds, self-love can be an act of kindness, big or small, initiating love within. True self-love is loving and accepting yourself completely and unconditionally as you are. Yes, it also means learning to love your flaws, shadows, and imperfections. Those are what makes you unique and makes you - you. If you cannot love them, who should? 

Often people tend to be too tough on themselves. How many times have you talked down on yourself or called yourself stupid? 

Would you ever act that same way towards your best friend or your loved one? Noway! You wouldn’t because you know just how hurtful and damaging such words can be. 

Now this is important, self-love is the first step to happiness. Once you truly and deeply care and love yourself as you are, everything shifts. You begin to value your body and health. You begin to care about the foods you eat and how they effect body and health. You chose to dedicate time for yourself, doing things that make you happy. Not because you should or you have to, simply because you feel like it. 

Ditch the Bitchy Ego NOW

There is a major difference between self-love and ego-driven choices. Self-love made actions come from a place of kindness and love (obviously) as opposed to ego-driven decisions that are fear based. Ego feeds from a place of deficiency and scarcity. Our ego actually represents our fears of sharing and receiving love.

Our ego consists of layers, experiences, and patterns accumulated throughout our life. But the ego is not who you truly are. It’s more of a ‘cover-up’, a created identity, a mask, a defensive shield.

Stay with me now, I have 3 golden tips for you. 

Spiritually and mindfulness, self-love, self-care, what you need to do, Ego, release the ego, love, fear, self-esteem, tips

3 Easy Steps to Deliver Transformational Changes 

I'd like to share with you three simple exercises that will help you encourage self-love while keeping the ego under control. It really can be as simple as inhabiting these three small changes.

 1. Let go!

Every time you want to be mean to yourself, pause and rephrase what you were about to say. 

For example, if you want to say: ‘ugh you’re so stupid why did you do that?!’ Simply rephrase that to: ‘Awh well, it's ok to do mistakes. Nothing I can do about it now’. Take a moment to reflect on what had gone wrong and why. Try to learn from it to avoid the same mistake in the future by finding solutions rather than beating yourself down. Leave the past in the past and move on. 

2. The mirror practice! 

You have probably heard about this one, it is probably one of the hardest things for us to do, but it will shift your life enormously. 

Try it for two weeks and watch the miraculous changes taking place. Every morning when you wake up, no matter how sleepy, puffy or messy you look, step in front of a mirror. Stare deeply into your eye's reflection and tell yourself how much you love yourself. 

Don’t just say it for the sake of saying it, try to really feel it. Say it from the bottom of your heart and allow the love to fill your body and soften your soul.

Bonus affirmation: 

“I am proud of myself for what I have done”

3.  Let go of the ego. 

You don't want to fight against it, fear and hatred will only feed the ego and make it stronger. 

Instead, knock the ego down by approaching it with love. You can gently and lovingly ask the ego to step away because it is no longer needed. Explain that you are ready to continue on your own and that it is ok to be vulnerable. Comfort the ego by saying that you are safe and brave to choose love in order to show yourself and the world the real you.

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