Let's Talk - Periods [part 1.]: Why Being a Woman is a Beautiful Thing!

by - July 11, 2019

Whether you are a woman hoping to improve your relationship with yourself, or a man trying to better understand your feminine half, you can greatly benefit from this article in order to heal relationships and avoid misunderstandings, how?

Do You Honor Your Cycle?
In a small poll, I asked women if they honor their menstrual cycle? In total 33% chose the ALWAYS option while 67% chose the I TRY one. I believe this is not because women are ignorant or uninterested in their period, but simply because of the lack of information we are given.

As women, we are briefly explained about how hour bodies change - biologically since our first period. We are somehow taught about fertility and how to avoid getting pregnant. And so we are most likely put on some form of birth control. Even better a birth control that would reduce or stop our bleeding all-together. Can you see anything wrong with this? 

Our cycles go way beyond the biological measure. Menstruation has been made a taboo, something ugly or even disgusting. Through our period, we are labeled as hysterical moody bitches, we are told that our period makes us something of an overly-sensitive raving lunatics, and reactions such as 'oh you're on your period again' are no surprise. We are not being respected or taken seriously, but rather we are teased and made fun of. 

Well, Dear man…

It is time to start honoring your better halves, your princesses, your goddesses, your queens! Instead of teasing her and making fun of her sensitive days - respect them. Keep in mind her sensitivity and fragility. Put your ego aside - love her, comfort her, cherish her, make her a cup of tea, cook for her and feed her chocolate while you massage her feet. She will repay you in ways you’d have never dreamed of.

As women we suffer enough and fight with ourself for being swamped by all those unexplainable feelings and emotions. The interesting part is that with the lack of information we receive about our menstrual cycles and our divine bodies, it is no surprise that as women we create a distant relationship towards our own moon cycles. We perceive it as a curse - something bad, shameful, annoying and even gross. We have been told that menstruating makes us impure or dirty. 

The bottom line is, a period has become something totally socially unacceptable to discuss. But it shouldn't be that way...

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Are You In Flow With The Moon?
Our menstrual cycles are precious and should be seen as something sacred and divine. During this time, when we are said to be 'with the moon' is when we are filled with radiance and our senses deepen. In a way, our cycles are our very own personal full moon time (how cool is that?!). During this time we become amazingly more sensitive, observant, easily irritated and aware of any imbalances within our bodies. It gets better!

Being a woman is a beautiful thing. According to Kundalini Yoga, women’s auras are 16 (!!!) times bigger than those of man! Nature has blessed us women with the ability to live according to a sacred cycle. This precious cycle allows us to honor our energic, sexual, emotional and spiritual needs each month. Our menstruation is a great blessing and should be honored and respected, let me explain.

What Have You Not Been Told?
There is so much more to the period cycle than what we’ve been taught. Among being biological, periods are emotional, mental but also spiritual. In other words, menstruation isn’t just about bleeding, cramping and getting pre-menstrual symptoms!

In reality, menstrual symptoms are little hidden messages telling us to slow down and honor our bodies. Every month, our periods reveal something new. 
♥ Have you noticed that some months may feel tougher than others?  
Have you ever reflect on how each and every month made you feel emotionally?  

Many physical and emotional toxins and traumas are accumulated over time within our body. It is around our period, that we can in complete rawness see and experience the true state of our inner selves. Yes, such kind of honesty and rawness can be very painful and daunting to face. Why? Not because it is something we cannot do or take on, but simply because we haven’t been taught how to listen and live in balance and flow with our cycles. Sounds simple, right?

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What Can I Do?
It's simple, our sacred cycle makes us less emotionally available for other people, so make sure to communicate with your friends and family openly. Tell them about your feelings and your needs. Ask them for some space so that you can be more focused on yourself and the lessons you need to learn during this time.

Yes, you guessed it - no one around you will respect your precious cycle unless YOU do, and that is a good place to start. As unpleasant and uncomfortable as your cycle may be, learn to love it anyway. Instead of fighting against the flow of your cycle, learn to flow with it. Listen to your body and act in ways that will honor its needs. After all, it is something that will once allow you to bring a new life into this world. 

To learn more about ways to ease and honor period, read the second part of the blog: Let's Talk - Period [part 2.]: Honoring Your Sacred Menstrual Cycle

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