How to Turn Your Paralyzing Vulnerability Into Power in Just 5 Steps

by - June 21, 2019

Life isn't always easy, but then - would you settle for easy? All we need is possible. Often we tend to procrastinate, ignoring our intuition, feeling comfortable where we are, while our potential is hidden deep down within us screaming to be heard and seen. It is not until something major or rather traumatic occurs, we begin to make changes.

These transformational experiences at first may be seen as failures, bad luck, disasters, while really they happen FOR us, not TO us. It is important to embrace these experiences, step away from the stand of a victim, and instead, try to see them for what they really are.

What message is there for you to learn?
Why had this experience needed to happen?

Trauma can be transformational, it may take time for us to see it that way at first because initially, it appears as if our life was falling apart. For a moment we may resent everything and everyone around us (including ourselves), feed on the pain, hide in the darkness and take the 'poor me' / 'why me' position. However, once we allow ourselves to step away from these mind's created scarcity situations, a whole new world opens up for us. A world of light, opportunities, and positive changes.

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Sadly, sometimes the universe needs to give us a little kick in the ass in order for us to awaken. I can almost certainly say, you have been there too. Perhaps that is what you are going through right now? The bittersweet awakening infused traumatic experience. How many times have you heard about great yogis, influential speakers, athletes and life coaches who started their journey from a very dark place?

Let's look at a tree seed, for example. It is hidden buried in the soft dirty earth, comfortable, warm and cozy. When its time comes, imagine this poor seed having to suffer excruciating pain and discomfort in order to sprout and find its way all the way to the surface of our beautiful earth. Only then is the tree given an opportunity for freedom, an endless source of light, and a chance to grow, flourish and bloom beyond its wildest dreams. 

vulnerability, courage, healing, power, strength, mindfulness, moving on, motivation, inspiration, quote

Next time, when you find yourself in a dark and difficult place, try to follow these few simple steps in order to turn your vulnerability into your greatest power:

  1. Don't victimize, instead of step away from the victim mode! Things do not happen TO us, they happen FOR us.
  2. Accept the situation and experience, this neede to happen in order for you to unlock the magic
  3. Observe what can you learn from the experience, and how can this help you to become your best-self.
  4. Own your story, there is no place for shame, embarrassment. Your vulnerability is your courage, your courage is your power - use it.
  5. Share your story and experience with those around you, you never know how many souls may be going struggling with a similar experience.
It may not always be easy to follow these steps, but the more you remind yourself that there is a different way with a completely different outcome, and the more you practice, the easier and lighter any experiences become. 

Your perspective and mindset are very powerful tools, yet easy ones to benefit from. So which side of the story do you chose?

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