Your Secret Guide To Setting Intentions For 2020 (and beyond!)

by - January 01, 2020

January, a month filled with hopes, dreams, and new beginnings. To set new year resolutions is almost as necessary as buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones. However, as it turns out, most of our new year's resolutions barely get fulfilled. So this year, let's turn the years of lost resolutions into a year of intentions. 

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We are entering an era where spirituality and mindfulness are becoming more common and less of a taboo. Conversations are shifting, minds are awakening, people are meditating, practicing not only the physical aspect of yoga but also the spiritual - talking about souls, energy, crystals, tarot, Ayurveda, holistic healing and mindfulness. We are becoming conscious and aware by the day. Lessons are being learned, truths are being spoken, our creativity blossoms and our hearts are opening. Pause for a moment and feel, allow your heart to open and speak to you. 

All our experiences and decisions, good or bad, plant seeds in our lives that at first don’t seem to make any sense, but once these tinny little seeds blossom into something beautiful, everything aligns perfectly. 

An intention works just like the seed. It’s an impulse of our mind that we chose to peruse and aim to create, awaiting the outcome patiently. 

What seeds would you like to plant for yourself? 

Just like the real seeds, intentions can’t grow if you hold on to them too tightly. No flower would blossom overnight, no fruit would ripen in a week, no tree would grow in a month's time. Your intentions - the seeds you plant, need time, love and care until they can blossom for you, baring the sweet fruit you have been waiting for. Only when you release your intentions into the deep rich soil of your mind, they can grow and flourish for you.

Intentions can be simple or complex, a starting point of our dreams, the creative power of our being. Intentions are our deepest desires, we use our power to pursue these into actions, take actions which eventually become our reality. 

healing, mindfulness, resolutions, intentions, mind, body, new beginnings, new year, blog, happiness

1. Create Space
Our minds are actively thinking at all times. It is important to find space and place where the mind rests - consider yoga, running, surfing, art making or anything that would work for you. 

Meditation is the most easily accessible shortcut in releasing the ego, silencing the mind, creating stillness and space for you to plant your seeds.

2. Plant Seeds
I am not talking about 'I'm gonna lose 10kg to look skinny by February' crap. Planting your intention seeds is much more than that. It's about self-love and long-term goals, not temporarily solutions. So instead try: 'I will learn to love my body and nourish it the way it deserves to keep me healthy and strong'. 

Once your mind is at rest yet centered, post-meditation state, for example, start planting your seeds - setting your intentions. Try to make this a habit, your morning coffee, your lunchtime break, your bedtime story, the more often the better.

3. Practice Love and Care 
Don't expect magic right away. Seeds need time and attention, water and sun, love and care, just like your intentions do. Intentions rooted from a place of love and trust rather than a need and lack, are much more powerful. Choose carefully how you plant yours.

healing, mindfulness, resolutions, intentions, mind, body, new beginnings, new year, blog, happiness
4. Release Expectations
Give your precious seeds some time. A very special person in my life always says 'time will tell', it was a phrase I grew to hate although deep down I understood its importance. Time will indeed tell us all the whys we were waiting for, eventually.

Reflecting back, some of my carefully-planted and well-awaited seeds didn't manifest for years, yes - years. While others had manifested, only for me to realise, searching through my past and recalling the very seeds I have planted once upon a time. After all, time really is only an illusion of our mind.

5. Trust The Process
Accepting the fact that it might take a year or a few for you to be able to collect the sweet honey of your intentions is a way to start, before moving onto the surrendering. Trusting the process and knowing your seeds are safe and well looked after can be extremely hard and frustrating. 

It is important to remember - things don't come to us easily nor they come to us fast. We have to be prepared for the harvest. Your life didn't flourish overnight, you took your time. For almost exactly 40 weeks you were preparing yourself to face the world while allowing the world to become ready for you.

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