Your Unique Wild Feminine and Sacred Nature Connection

by - August 20, 2018

There is this one place in the world that everyone knows about. A place booming with colors, surrounded by vast oceans, a place that is a dream come true. A place that is a part of most people's bucket lists. A paradise perfect land, full of life and vivid nature, that comes to life as it does in no other place on the planet. If you imagined the islands of Hawai'i, you read my mind.

Why Having Dreams Is Important 
Do you still dream? I don't mean at night while you sleep, I am talking about deep desires and dreams that we secretly and safely keep locked up in our minds. 

Ever since I was a little girl I felt drawn to the ocean, to tropical places, blue and crystal clear waters, the sea life, the white sandy beaches… this wasn't just a desire to go see those places. I had this hunger inside my body, a strange feeling of necessity to be part of those places. Not because such places look nice in photos, but because deep down, I knew these were the very places I belong to. 

I was fifteen years old when I flew by plane for the very first time for a family holiday to Cyprus. I was truly disappointed when everyone wanted to comfortably sit by the pool drinking their free all-inclusive drinks, while the ocean was waiting, calling for me just a walk away. At any possible occasion, I escaped from the pool to meet the ocean. I remember the coolness of the water that felt rather strange, I remember the light and the glittering sand beneath my feet. I remember loving the saltiness and the dryness of my skin. The air and even the sun felt different all of a sudden.

I was twenty one when I first got to feel the softest softness of white sand underneath my pale feet in a Floridian beach near the Gulf of Mexico. This moment was so magical that I will forever remember and cherish this memory. I walked on the beach letting the warm ocean water splash my feet, tears running down my cheeks, my eyes feeding hungrily on the everlasting white sandy beach and never-ending ocean. My skin tingling under the warmth of the sun and my heart racing, filled with overjoy and disbelieve that Mother Nature gifts us with this kind of beauty while asking nothing in return. 

From that moment on, I knew that the ocean had stolen my heart forever, and so I made myself a promise to live and be surrounded by the ocean, forever and always.

I was twenty-two when I moved to the south coast of England, living along the shores and cliffs craved by the English Channel. My first-time opportunity to get a taste of what the life by the ocean felt like - the wetness and saltiness of the air, the rough and playful winds and the early mornings filled with the chatter of hungry seagulls. I was in love and in awe, but my heart was hungry for more.

I was twenty-four when I made Bali my temporarily home, admiring and falling in love with the island life. Not only the beaches, the ocean and it's life, the constant supply of waves to surf, the tropical heat and the sun but also the lifestyle. The island-life is definitely something damn special.

I was twenty-five when the north of Spain's coastline surrounded by the wild and powerful Atlantic Ocean became my home. A place where the mountains meet the ocean, where the ocean meets the river, and where the fluctuation of the tides completely changes the fairytale scenery. A place where swells can grow so powerful you are left paralyzed watching the breaking waves crash at the very place where the river joins the ocean. This is where my heart felt at home, but not for too long. 

I am twenty-eighth now experiencing that exact beauty I have always dreamed of, what's more - a beauty that's beyond my wildest imaginations. I remember when I first heard of such a place called Hawai'i, a set of volcanic islands divinely placed in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. I was about ten years old and I imagined myself being given a lei around my neck to rest on my shoulders or a flower crown to make me look and feel like a real Hawaiian princess, walking the dreamy beaches of this Polynesian Islands. These dreams seemed so distant, unrealistic and unreachable then as if I was dreaming of walking on the moon. Dreams that, I believed - people like myself, don't get to live.

Turning Dreams Into Reality
After patiently waiting for years, keeping these dreams and visions alive and working through assignments that life has sent my way, I am now turning these dreams into reality. No longer do I have to imagine those paradise perfect places that have been taking over my wild and free mind ever since I can remember. I am able to meet and feel these places in person. To soak in every moment and every inch of their stunning beauty. The pureness and rawness of nature, the free and untamed wildlife of a place where a person can truly connect to the Mother nature and appreciate her full potential. A place that is almost too beautiful for the eyes to bear. A place where the ocean is its own true self, wild and powerful, yet loving and welcoming. Where the waves break over years and years of living and growing reef, offering a true paradise for all of us women of the water. 

I now ...

... walk the beaches with the sand beneath my feet so soft it feels as if I was walking on clouds,

... see the vast turquoise ocean so crystal clear I can see the curious turtles and dolphins swimming freely beneath and around me, 

... taste the saltiness of the ocean so rich it makes my body float effortlessly underneath the hot burning rays of the tropical sun,

... feel my skin far from sun-kissed, its sunburnt covered with multiple tan lines and bruises here and there.

My hair all messy, unkept and lightened by the sun, and my bare feet, full of reef cuts, exploring this sacred land. The true me, wild and free, the one that has always been lost deep down within me. All these flaws and all these scars I am proud of, it is for them I have an interesting story to tell. 

I Am a Woman of the Water, Are You?
My fellow Women of the Water, no matter what the life throws your way, never - EVER give up on your dreams. No matter what your dreams are, keep them alive. Whether they involve the water or not, and even if they seem crazy, unrealistic or out of this world. These are your dreams to dream and you have an all the right to dream freely, to dream big, to dream beyond your expectations, and YES it absolutely is in your power to turn these visions into reality. 

All you need is:
  • keep dreaming
  • believe in your dreams
  • trust the process
  • keep putting in the work
  • be patient 
  • surrender 

Would you like to get involved? 
I have decided to participate in the amazing 'Women of The Water' campaign which you can see more of on my Instagram account - @veronikablanar. @thisisforthewomen and @wearemona have teamed up to showcase powerful ‘Women of the Water’ who are taking up space in the big blue. Submit your entry using the hashtag #womanofthewater and tag @thisisforthewomen and @wearemona for your chance to win a kick-ass prize! They’re also paying their respects to Mamma Ocean herself by donating 10% of profits on select items to @surfriderfoundation for the entire month of November.

With the great team of Pata Sudaka and their unique Hawaii Surf Camp Adventures, who helped me make this trip happen, I am able to explore the island in a truly Hawaiian way, full of adventure, surf, and yoga. 

*All photo credit: Pata Sudaka 

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