Discovering Your Soul's Deepest Desires and True Purpose

by - January 16, 2019

My yoga, my practice, and my mat is where I can be fully myself
Free and careless
Lost in the motion of my body
Free of judgment, opinions and expectations
Through joy but also pain
Through feelings, my breath and my being
Fully aware yet completely lost

Although in this post I focus mainly on yoga as that has been my path, it, of course, doesn't need to be yours too. You may have a completely different passion and desire, but I hope this post will help you a little in allowing yourself shamelessly to find that. 

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Do You Know Your Path?

My yoga journey was predicted well before I knew it. I always loved to move my body, not necessarily in a physically demanding way by working out, sweating heavily and going to the gym. Although I went through a kickboxing phase, yes - kickboxing and even gained a red belt, BUT I have always been more into the natural rather feminine movement. 

Thankfully, my mother recognized and honored that, so my sister and I were dancing in a number of different dance groups ever since we were little. From ballet and contemporary dance to Latino, once I reached my teenage years I even went through a hip-hop phase. However, Latin music and Latin dances have always been close to my heart. Why? Simply because of the powerful music that will make your body move even if your dance moves are close to the ones of a tree. The music worked like a magical tool to unlock my wild and free nature that's hidden within all of us. Raw, courageous, brave and free. Latin music always made my body come alive and my mind to become completely free. 

Thanks to dancing, I’ve always had a nice relationship, was a connection with and understood my body a little better. Moving away from home at a young age, going to university while tackling numerous jobs, I sadly lost this incredible connection to my own freedom through dancing and movement. But I was desperate to find it again. I searched and I searched for dance classes for adults but with no success, and so I decided to give this newly popular yoga-thing a try. Exactly 8 years ago I stepped on a mat for the very first time, and little did I know where it would bring me. But I knew one thing, it was a place I needed to be then and there, to get where I am today.

And so, needless to explain that I fell in love with Yoga immediately. Yoga to me was like dancing only a little harder. When you dance, your mind becomes completely lost in the movement almost naturally, in yoga you HAVE to make that transition happen by centering the mind. 

Although I first started with the traditional form of yoga - Hatha yoga, once I covered the basics, and my dance-hungry self was longing for more, I moved onto trying Vinyasa and eventually Ashtanga yoga. These two more dynamic, active and fluid styles were exactly where I found myself as I did when I danced. They became a place that allowed me to fully express myself through movement.

Being Different Is Fun!

Each yoga style is different and therefore suits a number of people while it doesn't suit others. This applies to everything we do in life. Just because your mother was a ballet dancer, doesn't mean you cannot be a hip-hop dancer. Just because your father was a dentist doesn't meet you cannot be a chocolatier. Do you see where I'm going with this? 

Finding what truly makes you come alive even if it's different and it does not meet 'the rules' or expectations of society and others, is what your heart needs. So listen...

I lost and found my love for Yoga throughout the years, I skipped practices and even dropped Yoga all together for several months here and there. At times it was hard to find my way back to it, but I understood that it's a natural cycle of life, and something inside me always brought me back to my mat. Over the years everything and everyone changed but my practice is what persisted. And only through recent years and after getting to know myself with and without yoga, I fully committed to daily practice. Yoga has now been and inevitable part of my daily life. To skip my practice or to go a day without stepping on my mat, feels like I forgot how to be myself.

For me, yoga became an art, in a way like poetry, a poetry of movements, a movement of art. Once we put your mind to rest and allow our creativity to flow, we can create our own beautiful poetry of movements. For me, this is called yoga.

yoga, path, purpose, journey, career, future, courage, work, job, success, business, profession
Photo by Kristian Soto

Is It Easy? No!

Yoga and movement are what makes me whole and what makes me who I am. For that, I am ever so grateful to have a moving body that allows me to feel fulfilled. For that, I love and honor my body. But this hasn't always been so clear nor has it been easy. 

No one in my family practices yoga or dances anymore, I studied photography but a part of me was always scared to peruse that career as I always feared that: ‘If my passion becomes my career, will I soon begin to hate it?’ Nobody likes their job, right?! 

Secondly, I had way too many passions, I always wanted to do it all: take photos, make art, design, dance, cook, write, yoga... so it has taken me some time to figure out which path was the right one for me. I used to be jealous of people who had this ONE great passion that was also their career. While I was good at almost anything I tried (except singing - I really can't sing) I was never excelling at that ONE thing. 

Soon I realized it was because I tried to focus on too many things all at once. The fact that my new camera gear got stolen, while I was still paying for it, was a clear sign for me that photography was not meant to be my path. I really struggled to accept and let this one go. On a route to finding your passion and your purpose, acceptance and the gift of letting go are priceless, and I promise you these two key things will change your life once mastered. 

I think at times we try to focus our lives on what we believe we SHOULD be doing, because we studied it at university, or our parents did it for living or they want us to do it, because it’s a job that pays well...and so on, and so we forget to follow our passionate and hungry hearts.

Can I? YES!

I used to be a very shy and rather introverted person, I wouldn’t want to ask strangers for help or interact with people I didn’t know, I was always trying to hide from crowds and groups of people, and to never stand out too much by the way I looked and dressed.

After years of could I and should I? A year of doubts, yes-s, and no-s, I eventually booked a flight and a week later in March 2017 I flew to India (Rishikesh) to become a yoga teacher. I returned back to Spain contacting about every yoga studio I could find nearby. Soon I began to teach. Shy and nervous at first but confident and outspoken now. 

Being a yoga teaches has definitely taught me how to step out of the darkness and most importantly, step out of my comfort zone to shine as bright as I possibly could. It has taught me to trust myself, it has taught me acceptance and that it is OK to be myself just the way I am. That I don’t have to be approved by everyone around me. We all have different tastes and preferences and that’s OK. A single person cannot please and satisfy everyone around.

yoga, path, purpose, journey, career, future, courage, work, job, success, business, profession
Photo by Kristian Soto
How Does It Feel?

Thanks to Yoga I no longer hide but instead I proudly allow myself to be the way I truly am. I feel content and comfortable with myself and around others. I am no longer scared to stand out from the crowd, and that has actually became my superpower now. I like and enjoy being different - being myself. 

Often we try to hang on too tightly, wanting to see the finish line before we actually compete in a race. To see where and who we need to be, instead of enjoying the journey. We also often carry this idea of needing to be perfect for everyone else's expectations but our own. While in deep, deep down we know exactly where we are going to find ourselves eventually. We just need to sit down at times, breathe and listen. 

Listen to what we deep down know all along. It is never too late, too strange or too different to do what you desire. And it almost never is what we think we are supposed to do or who we are supposed to be because: others do it before us, because others tell us, because that's how things nowadays are. In the world like today, we can truly be anyone we have ever dreamed of, anywhere in the world we have created in our dreams, we just need to trust ourselves and follow that core knowledge of who we are here to be.


Surrender to the flow of life.
Accept that you have the right to be happy 
Know that you have the right to thrive

It is ok if your light shines brighter than those around you,
Give yourself permission to be successful and maybe one day your magic will inspire others 

to glow and to grow

Thank you SO much for reading my blog! 
I hope you found it interesting, 
please let me know your feedback in the comments below. 
If you truly enjoyed the content, please
share it with your friends and family who might find it helpful. 

Thank you

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