Dear Body, I Love You (Self-Love Affirmations for Body Confidence)

by - January 26, 2018

— Part 1. 
From the moment you were created and became mine, 
To protect me and make me whole, 
I fell in love with you 
We became one and inseparable

I remember coming into this vast ocean of emotions we call earth, 
Knowing I will be okey 
Because I had you 
You became my best friend 
I loved you I adored you 
I watched you grow I felt you change 
And everything was, oh so perfect

But with time we became strangers 
We grew apart together 
I listened, but not to you I saw you but not for who you truly were 
The eyes of others became mine 
Opinions became my belief 
Beliefs became my truth

And so I stopped loving you I stopped adoring you 
So we separated 
Yet we were one 
Both lonely 
Both hurt 
And both oh so deeply lost 
So distant yet so close

There were times I felt you failed me
You didn't work the way I wanted you to
You didn't look the way I needed you to
For that I resented you
And for that I hated you
I ignored all that you have done for me
And I ignored the way you continued being there for me 

All those scars
Those painful words
Those hurtful looks
All those careless actions I took
And those wrong choices I made 

I can see them all so clearly now
No loved one deserves that 
Then why you, you especially?

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photo by Jorge Rastrojo

— Part 2.
Please forgive me those times of neglect 
Please forgive me for all the hurtful things I said to you
All the things I said about you

Please forgive me that I didn't let you be free and light 
That I didn't allow you to be full of life 
To dance, to move 
To walk, to run
Forgive me that I allowed you to become stiff, sore and heavy
Please forgive me for all the wrong food I fed you 
While I knew exactly what was right for you

And forgive me, please 
For every single day, I took you for granted 
The times I didn't appreciate you 
The times I didn't move with you 
How I chose to see every truth but yours
And forgive me that you lost me

I now see you for who you truly are I see your beauty 
Your perfection, 
And perfect imperfections 
I now recognise all the falls layers of you that I've made myself to see melting away 
I see you now for who you truly are 

I know you knew because I felt you become so alive like never before
I felt your heart beat as if for the first time
Every movement now feels effortless and light 
I felt you coming alive around and with me
And so we move with lightness, joy, and love
So full of love

Thank you for the times you made me who I am
When you made me complete
For always being there for me
While I was resenting you
I feel your strength I feel your trust, your devotion
And I feel your forgiveness
For that you, you never stopped loving me

And so we are one, again
We are inseparable 
In oneness we flow 
In oneness we breathe 
In oneness we think 
In oneness we move 
And in oneness we are

I feel you 
I hear you 
I see you 
Always together 
Never apart

I love you, for you are all that I have
And all that I truly need
You are my everything 
You are the only place I get to call home 
Because one day when you go, I go too 
Together we are my word 

Dear body, I love you 
Now I know just how much I love you 
I love you again 
I love you always


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